Meeting you where you are to take you where you want to be.

Meeting you where you are to take you where you want to be.

With Ayurvedic postpartum training, Diane is knowledgeable about supporting and caring for families and their unique needs during the transformative fourth trimester, which is often neglected by western biomedicine.

Diane draws from ancient practices to support and care for families. The in-home support and care Diane provides for clients in the Chicago and surrounding suburban areas includes massage and using food, herbs, and spices as medicine.

With Diane's postpartum services, you can expect:

  • support
  • care
  • advice
  • kindness
  • massage

Diane's postpartum services are provided in your home. Ideally, families will arrange for Diane's postpartum services several months in advance through a referral and after a consultation.

On a typical day of working with Diane, you can expect her to meet you in your home at a mutually agreeable, prearranged time with at least one meal in her hand that is infused with healing Ayurvedic spices, ghee, and oil for your consumption. While in your home, Diane will provide support, care, and guidance, as well as a sesame oil massage.

Ayurveda recommends 42 days or at least 6 weeks of postpartum Ayurvedic care for non-surgical deliveries and a week longer for surgical deliveries

For postpartum clients, she recommends an Ayurvedic postpartum diet.



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