Working with Diane

Working with Diane

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Clients Say

"Diane is such a calming and inspirational presence. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about two years ago and started seeing her for massage therapy and Kansa Vatki. With her help, I now have much less pain and a much more positive outlook. She is an integral part of my healthcare team.”
-- Kathy W. (client)

“Diane is unique among massage therapists. She is a healer with an instinct for revealing the source of discomfort and dis-ease, and working that area until the problem dissipates. A massage from Diane will restore you with a renewed vitality and sense of well-being. I’m a very satisfied client!” 
-- Giselle R. (client)

"Working with Diane hasn't felt like work. In fact, her massages, which integrate healing practices from Ayurveda and  Maya therapies, have helped me me tune into my body and find comfort in it. After each massage, I feel like I've been on a vacation. She's a knowledgeable healer." 
--Kristin B. (client)

"Diane was my fairy godmother in postpartum. I first received her care after my second child was born. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I reached out to make sure she could help me with postpartum again.

Diane taught me how other cultures take care of the mother in postpartum. She taught me how important it is for mothers in postpartum to rest and fully recover. She taught me how the foods I ate affected my recovery, hormones, and breast milk. She taught me that a rested mother creates a calm and secure baby.

But not only did Diane teach me, she helped me with her postpartum massages and homemade food and teas. Diane is joyful, humble, and generous, and I was easily able to relax in her presence. My entire family felt cared for and loved when Diane would come to our home. She is such a blessing, and I recommend her to everyone."
--Kristin R. (client)

"My times with Diane are the highlight of my week. I always feel energetic and relaxed when she has worked on me. She is so knowledgeable and gifted. She helps me emotionally too. If I am feeling down or anxious and I tell her, she will say 'I used to feel anxious.' She turns my day around. And she is compassionate. Since my husband passed away several months ago, she has faithfully given me [grief] massages."
--Phyllis B. (client)

"The massage was extremely relaxing, and I felt like it helped me with my labor and delivery. She is a wonderful woman, and I really appreciated her peaceful spirit."
--Carolyn S. (client)

As a postpartum doula, Diane uses a spiritual approach to one of the most important and neglected times in a woman's life.
--Sarah J. Simmons (Certified Nurse Midwife at New Life Midwifery)

Diane is licensed and insured by the National Association of Massage Therapists (NAMT).

Depending on the service and after a referral and/or consultation, client house calls in the greater Chicagoland area can be arranged; or treatments can be scheduled at a Rogers Park meditation center near Lake Michigan or an office in downtown Evanston.



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