Eating for Postpartum

Eating for Postpartum

using Ayurveda to assist digestion

Eating for Postpartum

After giving birth, Diane recommends an Ayurvedic postpartum diet. In fact, the recipes from beloved Sacred Window founder Ysha Oakes in Touching Heaven: Tonic and Delicious Postpartum Recipes from Ayurveda are the place to start! (If you use these recipes, please consider buying other cookbooks from Sacred Window and encouraging your friends and family to do so, too.)

Diane also recommends recipes from Julia Jones’s Nourishing Newborn Mothers: Ayurvedic Vegetarian Recipes to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul After Childbirth. (You can even download a free sample chapter before you buy a physical or even instant digital copy of her recipe book!)

In Diane’s opinion, Maha Ghee is the best ghee in the world for both postpartum and post-operative recovery.



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