Massage Therapy or Abhyanga

Massage Therapy or Abhyanga


Drawing from both Western and Eastern healing traditions, Diane offers a variety of therapeutic and massage treatments.


Massage is an integral form of preventive maintenance, yet not recommended while you are under the weather.



Ayurvedic Massage
Depending on your body’s needs and often recommended by Ayurvedic physicians, Diane offers abhyanga massage treatments. Abhyanga massage prepare or repair tissues for season changes similar to how you maintain an automobile with oil changes or even full body overhaul.

Each kind of Ayurvedic massage includes customized and herbalized warm oil blends. If working with an Ayurvedic physician, Diane performs treatments as required for pancha karma.

Abdominal  Massage Therapy
Abdominal massage therapy (AMT) is performed externally by gently guiding and supporting organs back into their optimal position, allowing for improved functioning for optimal health and wellness.

Abdominal therapy is safe for prenatal and more (if pregnant, it can be done at-home) and recommended after the first 6 weeks of pregnancy and monthly or more frequently thereafter.

AMT helps pregnant bodies adjust to postural changes. Working around the womb allows optimal space and positioning for growth. Diane provides instructions for at-home abdominal therapy and recommends discussing 4th trimester plans, such as food options, during this time.

Ayurvedic Postpartum Massage
Happy mother, happy baby. This postpartum technique is performed in silence with a nurturing and restorative touch, using warm herbalized oil. For centuries, it has helped mothers restore and rejuvenate the body and mind during The Sacred Window.

The Sacred Window is a time with heightened opportunities for exponential growth in mind, body, and spirit. Although absent in the Western world, The Sacred Window involves 42 days of care—for the delivering parent after birth—with benefits said to last 42 years.

Custom-blended Herbalized Oil Massage
Specific essential oils, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits, are blended with an Ayurvedic base oil, warmed, and applied during the massage.

Energy Work
Focuses on the painful (or blocked) areas of the body and endocrine system, helping the body to energize and re-balance itself. By stimulating these areas, it can bring about healing to both the body and mind. Includes reiki, therapeutic touch, and marma point. (Similar to acupressure points, marma are anatomical sites where the body and mind connect.) Beneficial for all body types.

Foot Massage (Kansa Vatki)
A special 3-metal bowl comprised of copper, tin, and zinc is vigorously rubbed on the soles of the feet to detoxify the body while inducing tremendous relaxation. The fastest and most relaxing form of detoxification.

Grief Massage
When a loved one transitions, we need to honor and care for our bodies during bereavement. Honoring the sacred space during a sacred time with silence and respect, grief massage gently touches the parasympathetic nervous system to provide rest and restoration.

Neuromuscular Massage
Very helpful for correcting posture and aiding rehabilitation after physical or emotional trauma. The work can be site-specific and geared to help:

  • Eliminate muscle spasms
  • Restore proper body mechanics
  • Restore flexibility to tissue

Swedish Massage
Energizes the body by stimulating circulation and promotes relaxation. Ideal for those new to massage, as well as those with sensitivity to pressure.



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