Postpartum Services

Postpartum Services

Working with Diane when you’re postpartum can ease the process of incorporating Ayurvedic healing traditions into your fourth trimester as a mother.

Pregnancy is a transformative time in your life; it’s a time of growth and transition—the Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy and postpartum honors this process by nurturing maternal and infant development.

Diane’s provides mother-centered healing, 3–5 days/week. Her postpartum care provides services for parents and infants, including:

  • Postpartum massage for parents.
    • Using sesame oil and a customized postpartum herbal blend, Diane provides massages to support the vitality that comes through the skin.
  • Infant massage.
    • To promote bonding between parent and child, Diane gives massage instructions for you to massage your infant.
  • Perineal steam.
    • 3 days a week for 6 weeks postpartum, Diane provides perineal steam treatments with customized, organically-sourced herbs. Diane discusses benefits of perineal steam treatments for all parents.
  • Food and drink.
    • Since all new mothers are unique, customized seed teas, sweet milk tonics, and easy-to-digest foods, such as mother’s morning rice and broth soups, are needed to rekindle a mother’s digestive fire.
    • To promote vitality and healing in the postpartum body, Diane offers parents customized foods and drinks gratis or as gifts each day.
  • Postpartum binding.
    • Abdominal (or belly) binding and hip binding responds to the softened state of the body after birth, pushing the hips and the separated abdomen back together as the body heals.
    • Postpartum binding provides support for the mother and can provide comfort during the healing process.
    • Diane assists with daily binding.

All Diane’s care work is done in silence with the occasional use of Tibetan bells to promote peace. Essential oils are organically-sourced and can be included in massage care, acupressure work, and Ayurvedic color therapy.

After treatments, mothers are encouraged to take a warm bath with herbs and flowers provided by Diane and then to nap with their infant.



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